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As tough as you make it…

There are a few negatives that come as part and parcel of Don Wilson’s line of trucking business. They come in the form of compliance demands, regulations…..and more compliance demands. And more regulations. All areas of road transport, of course, are subject to these increasing compliance demands, as Don sums up: “The extra things you have to do each day to make your business operate is getting harder and harder.” Don, the boss of Pukekohe’s OnRoad Transport, is the chairman of the National Road Carriers Association – and knows full well how much compliance stuff that NRC does to assist its members, across the industry. But then, if you want to carry livestock – OnRoad Transport’s specialty – the compliance demands ratchet-up dramatically: “Our compliance nowadays is a lot harder than it was 20 years ago. &ldquo..

Fleet Focus - December 2019

Profitability from connectivity

American trucking company exec Ron Hall’s job is to know his trucks…inside out. Actually….no – his knowledge goes way, way beyond that: He knows them in extreme detail. In order to extract the best fuel economy out of giant Utah carrier C.R. England’s fleet, he knows, for instance, exactly what “the sweet spot” is when it comes to diff ratios (2.16:1), engine horsepower (455 horsepower)…and precisely what speed to allow its trucks to run to. That’ll be 65 miles per hour (the equivalent of 104km/h) on cruise control…or 63mph with the foot on the throttle pedal. That’s anywhere between five and 20mph lower than legal limits across the US. He knows that running super-single tyres might help fuel economy…but they don’t stack up when it comes to return on investment. Understands that driver-facing camer..

Fleet Focus - November 2019

Jack-of-all-trades Jukes

Gisborne carrier Trevor Jukes reckons the key to it – how the family has managed to stay in business for 100 years – is simple. “By diversifying as fast and as hard as you can! We’re not too proud to do the shitty jobs.” Within a whisker of his 78th birthday, the man who’s spent almost 60 years in the family biz, happily provides more detail: “Let’s say you’re Charlie with a truck. You’re working for Fred – who’s got a job to cart some product to supply someone. “If the supplier decides he doesn’t want the product, Fred’s out of pocket – and you’re in deep shit. All because one of the people in the link decides to change the thinking. “So the trucking guys are very vulnerable – unless you have a secure base, secure workflow and utterly trustworthy people you wo..

Fleet Focus - October 2019


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New trucker, fresh thinker

To say trucking company owner Blake Noble is a little bit different – even in an industry that’s jam-packed with individuals – is one of those ridiculous understatements. Seriously. Ridiculous. So here’s a guy who, at 38, is running his own 16-truck transport operation. So far, so….well, interesting. Unusual. But probably not unique. Not until you take account of the fact that he’s now just four years into trying to breathe new life into an old trucking company….a business he bought despite having absolutely no previous experience to speak of with trucks or the road transport industry. So, no – this was not one of those classic family trucking business succession deals, whereby Mum and Dad bow out, and one or more of the kids take it over. Yes…he was formerly a partner and shareholder in a successful family business &n..

Fleet Focus - August 2019

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