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A New Zealand company’s workplace safety system, using sonar technology to reduce the risk of accidents in situations where people work around vehicles or moving machinery, is achieving dramatic results. SonaSafe International says its proximity warning system is the most advanced in NZ and Australia – reducing accidents and near-misses, and giving workplace staff greater confidence at work. The company says that the use of sonar has proven to be the most effective and accurate proximity control system across a range of conditions (inside or outside), according to market feedback from environments including freight warehouses, earthworks, roading and construction sites. ..
NZ Truck & Driver News - December 2019

What’s believed to be the longest electric truck combination to go on the road in New Zealand has gone to work in Auckland for a company specialising in hiring, selling, servicing, storing and shuttling shipping containers. ContainerCo’s 4x2 Isuzu FSR, which has a battery electric powertrain built by Australian company SEA Electric, tows a two-axle trailer – the combination able to cart three empty 20-foot containers. The 22-metre combination is powered by a 136kWh battery pack and a SEA-Drive motor producing 250kW maximum and 150kW continuous power…and 2500Nm of peak torque, with 1230Nm continuous. It’s used to shuttle-run empty containers between ..
NZ Truck & Driver News - December 2019

A new robotic welding system just installed in the Hammar factory in Sweden is speeding up the sideloader manufacturer’s production in New Zealand. And the autonomous welding system will help the company overcome a production bottleneck that’s been hampering high demand here, says Hammar NZ MD Fred Sandberg. Despite Hammar’s Auckland factory at Takanini having been extended and modified for more efficient assembly operations – and a separate nearby workshop opened for assembly and final testing of new Hammarlifts – the company has not been able to keep up with demand in recent years. “We could have sold more of our sideloaders if the product wa..
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A new truck and trailer tipper unit, dubbed Mack the Hopeful Black Dog, has gone on the road in Auckland – carrying messages of support for people experiencing depression and mental health issues. The unit is the brainchild of truck and trailer leasing business TR Group: In a bid to offer hope to people suffering from depression it decided to go for spectacular messages on the 6x4 Mack Super-Liner and its five axle trailer. Messages contained within murals on the Transport & General bins on the truck – put on the road for Winstone Aggregates – include: “What are you doing to make it ok for your mates to ask for help?” And “Ask your mates if th..
NZ Truck & Driver News - December 2019

A handful of Kiwi transport companies have recently changed hands – probably the biggest deal involving the buyout of Big Chill Distribution by Freightways. Freightways announced to the New Zealand Stock Exchange in late October that it had entered into an agreement to buy 100% of Big Chill – for at least $117million. In other deals, two long-standing Southland transport operations – Central Southland Freight, based in Winton, and Mataura’s Tulloch Transport – have been sold…to Canterbury company Hilton Haulage and Invercargill-headquartered McNeill Distribution respectively. In addition, Hawke’s Bay company Tomoana Warehousing has been p..
NZ Truck & Driver News - December 2019

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