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The Road Transport Forum has praised the Government for announcing a commitment to introduce legislative measures to protect small businesses from unfair commercial practices. “Smaller transport operators and service providers, particularly in provincial areas, have for years suffered from bullying at the hands of some of the corporate big boys,” says RTF CEO Nick Leggett. “For a rural transport operator, in many cases their whole business relies on servicing one dominant client – and there is little choice but to accept the contract terms they’re presented with….lest they should lose that contract and go out of business.” When it comes ..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2019

At the 2018 RTF Conference, economic commentator and former ANZ Bank chief economist Cameron Bagrie explained how the New Zealand economy was about to go through a frustrating environment of slowing, grumpy growth and increasing cost pressures that he termed “Grumpflation.” At this year’s conference Bagrie introduced some new phrases to describe just where NZ could be heading over the next two to three years, and it’s fair to say the path ahead is a bit rocky. Is the economy heading for the handbasin, the bathtub or the toilet? These bathroom amenities are the three possible outcomes that Bagrie foresees for the NZ economy, and all three describe some form..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2019

Over the last couple of months, we have seen the beginning of the new emphasis on road safety. Unfortunately, investing in newer, safer roads to deal with our growing population and economy is not on the table. Instead, the plan is to slow the country down by reducing speed limits. Unquestionably, roads and the vehicles that travel on them pose a safety risk. But they also allow for the geographic, economic and social mobility that is fundamental to our society. Sensible transport policy is about finding the balance between these two priorities. Of course, it’s logical that the slower the traffic moves, the less chance of serious accidents – I accept that. However, ..
Road Transport Forum News - December 2019
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