Iveco Introduces MYIVECO App
Posted: 29-May-2018

This month Iveco celebrated the launch of their new MYIVECO app following the trend of truck manufacturers integrating products with the ‘internet-of-things’.

The MYIVECO app offers customers access to a range of services for drivers and owners. Some of these include the ability to find the nearest Iveco dealer/service point. From the app, they can also book a service or contact the Iveco helpline.

The app also contains information, news, videos and pictures of Iveco products that will be updated regularly.

Federico Bullo, vice president at Iveco Australia-Pacific, reckons “MyIVECO is the ideal tool for IVECO vehicle owners and drivers…they remain up-to-date with our latest news and promotions [and] interact to find the dealer they need or manage their vehicle’s maintenance…[The app] is a dynamic tool developed to evolve the changing requirements of our customers, and we will add new services over time.”


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